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One stop shop for new members to get started on their story Inside New Hogwarts.

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Rules, Guides and Updates ( 43 threads + 307 posts )

Rules. Announcements. Spells and Potions Lists. Suggestions Thread.

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Wizarding News ( 9 threads + 43 posts )

Wizarding News is headquarters to such newspapers as The Daily Prophet which brings magical households updates on all things happening around the magical world and Witch Weekly which features its articles on love, romance and trying to play matchmaker by showcasing the hottest face of the month in the wizarding world.

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Absences ( 5 threads + 7 posts )

If you are going to be away for any length of time, please post a thread here notifying staff of your absence

Character Creation

Applications ( 245 threads + 652 posts )

This is where you start your journey! Create a character by filling out a Character Application. Additionally, you'll be able to apply for an ability or creature status here as well.

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Registries & Job Office ( 24 threads + 89 posts )

Your one stop shop for all things including character job office, registries, playby claims, member list, skills, etc.

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Character Development

Plotting ( 22 threads + 265 posts )

Make and create your plots here.

Biographies ( 9 threads + 101 posts )

Detailed character biographies, family biographies and anything else biography related to characters can be found here. This is NOT mandatory.

Miscellaneous ( 12 threads + 61 posts )

Bits and Bobs, Thread Trackers, Journals, etc. for your characters can be placed here. This is NOT mandatory.

Wanted Ads ( 32 threads + 73 posts )

Looking for a specific plot or more family members? Advertise in here!

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Hogwarts Castle

The Ground Floor ( 47 threads + 504 posts )

Upon entering through the huge oak doors, students find themselves in a grand entrance hall where the house points hourglasses can be found but the even more glorious site is the vast marble staircase. To the right is the great hall and the stairs to the kitchens and Hufflepuff basement

The Common Rooms ( 24 threads + 183 posts )

When Hogwarts was rebuilt, the Wizarding World opted to include an Inter-House Common Room located on the fifth floor. Gryffindor and Ravenclaw were returned to their towers, Slytherin remained in their dungeons and Hufflepuff went back to their happy hobbit hole near the kitchens.

The Dungeons & Basement ( 4 threads + 28 posts )

The dungeons beneath Hogwarts are rather gloomy, sometimes there are rats scurrying about (and I don't mean the Slytherins). There are various empty rooms, the Potions classroom and the kitchens can be found down here.

The Corridors ( 17 threads + 76 posts )

Many corridors exist along the levels of Hogwarts where one might find such rooms as the Library, the Hospital Wing, the Room or Requirement, and much more, like the bathrooms! The corridors are often long and straight passages lined with suits of armor or portraits that talk one's ear off.

The Library ( 8 threads + 63 posts )

The most notable location in Hogwarts is the vast library will floor to ceiling shelving for books filled with all the knowledge one could possible ever dream off, and don't forget the restricted section.

The Owlery ( 3 threads + 8 posts )

Squawking, messy, and smelly, the owlery is where the Hogwarts owls dwell while awaiting letters to be sent home from students. The floors are often covered in feathers and bird poop and it's an unpleasant place to be since it has many windows for the birds to fly in and out and isn't very warm.

The Hospital Wing ( 3 threads + 45 posts )

The hospital wing is a very important place within the school where the Hogwarts Healers help those suffering from the common cold to broken bones from quidditch. Lining the room are many single beds with curtains that can be drawn around them and at the back a small office for the healer.

The Towers ( 5 threads + 29 posts )

The towers of Hogwarts; besides the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw towers, there's also the Astronomy Tower which leads to an outside viewing platform with large, expensive telescopes and warm cosy blankets to stay warm. The Divination tower leads to a circular room full of pillows and crystal balls, smelling like tea.

Hogwarts Grounds

The Courtyards ( 6 threads + 39 posts )

Hogwarts houses multiple courtyards around the castle which each hold their own charms. Students can enjoy the various statues, as well as the greenery and benches placed in these areas.

The Lawns ( 14 threads + 106 posts )

Rolling hills of grassy greens span outward to the forbidden forest and the lake and to the village. These lawns are well kept by the groundskeeper and home to many little critters scurrying about. Students enjoy lounging in the grass soaking up the sun. Be careful though, the Whomping Willow is nearby!

The Great Lake ( 6 threads + 45 posts )

The Great lake, also known as the Black lake, begins at Hogwarts and touches down near Hogsmeade Village. It is home to many magical and mundane creatures including mermaids, grindylows, and the giant squid! Swimming is discouraged but kids do it anyway.

The Forbidden Forest ( 4 threads + 29 posts )

Forbidden for a reason, there are all sorts of dangers lurking beneath these thick trees which sucks the light right out of the world once one is deep within the forest. Spiders, centaurs, Acromantula, werewolves, anything one might fear could be in these woods.

Out of Character

Advertising ( 253 threads + 401 posts )

Come here to advertise your site or affiliate with us!

Guest Friendly!

Chat & Games ( 22 threads + 6,413 posts )

Want to chat about other things or just partake in the games? Jump in!

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Creative board ( 15 threads + 155 posts )

In this board, you can release your creative spirits. Post in the correct board and display your creations, or open up a graphic shop if you'd like.

The Archives ( 2,253 threads + 22,387 posts )

This board houses all the archived roleplay threads, plot planners, classes and quidditch games. Threads will be moved here if they haven't been replied to for two months, if the character is shelved or deleted or if the classes and quidditch games have finished.


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